via acts like [the] Stone Temple Posers, STP's music carries on”

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[The] Stone Temple Posers sound exactly like [the] Stone Temple Pilots.”

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Stone Temple Posers

The Stone Temple Posers are a Stone Temple Pilots (a.k.a., STP) Tribute band based out of Plaistow, New Hampshire. They were originally formed in the latter half of 2014 and consist of four devoted STP fanatics. With this lineup of committed STP disciples, you can't go wrong with the Stone Temple Posers.

The aim of the Stone Temple Posers is to re-create the awesome music that STP is known for. Our ultimate goal is to play the hits and other gems from each of STP's nine albums. From the early grunge Core and Purple albums, through the glam rock Tiny Music, No. 4 and Thank You albums to the post grunge psychedelic era Shangri-la dee da, 2010, and 2013 albums, and their 2018 and 2019 releases with Jeff Gutt, their catalog rocks!  We also pay homage to Scott's side-project Velvet Revolver and STP's cover of Zepplin's Dancin Days.

Come experience the megaphone intro to Dead and Bloated, the searing guitar solos in Piece of Pie, the harmonies in Sour Girl and Creep, the catchy bass riffs on Interstate Love Song, the slinky slide guitar in Big Empty, and the relentless pounding drums of Down; if you like STP, you'll just love the Stone Temple Posers. We even play songs you will rarely hear STP play live. We can also do a full unplugged acoustic set. If you think you are not familiar with STP's catalog, you will most certainly come to appreciate STP's great song-writing ability and the energy that the Stone Temple Posers bring to each of their live shows.

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“Hey I saw you guys at Shaskeen Saturday night; holy shit did you guys kick some serious ass! I was very very impressed with the level of musicianship and the sound was incredible. I have seen Stone Temple Pilots with Scott Weiland and man you guys nailed it. Thanks for a great night, my girlfriend loved the show too!  -  Dave 


“My husband loved the show and Hal's high energy. Simply amazing!”  -   Carolyn 


“Awesome time! thanks for the birthday shout out ! You guys rocked it!  -  Julie 


"I'm hard pressed to think of another tribute act that sounds that close to the source material" - Robert (

“Frontman Hal …  was engaging and full of energy throughout the entire Posers' hour and a half long set, especially during "Vasoline," where the crowd seemed to go nuts over this classic STP tune.” – Aya (Tiny Dragon Promotions)

So glad we got to see you guys. Great show all around" - Pamela

"Oh. My. God. I saw you guys last night at the Snowbound Throwdown. Hands down the BEST cover band I've ever fucking seen!!! Wish you had shirts... I'd definitely want one and wear it all the time so I could brag about you! Thanks for making my whole night!" -  Deborah

“Hi Guys, fantastic tribute to the great STP … your guitarist … has really nailed the Deleo tone in my book… Keep Rockin \m/” - Virgil

“You guys rocked the house” - Vito

"Kick ass show"     -Theresa

“You guys kicked it!” -Mike

“I’m glad we came to see you” -Chris

“Great time had by all” -Mike

“Stone Temple Posers are the real deal!” -Bill

“Great job last night!” -Kevin

“Awesome. Nothing else need be said” -Alan

“Great show…finally got to see you in action…awesome job!” -Debi


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