When the Bodies hit the Floor

When the bodies hit the floor was the theme last Friday night as the Stone Temple Posers laid it down at Rack's Bar and Grill; fortunately nobody broke any bones as proven by powerful X-rays on Saturday morning (yep). We got a chance to debut five new songs including Atlanta, Cinnamon, Days of the Week, Fall to Pieces, and Still Remains. Our good friends Dirty Rocks also made their rousing debut even after one of the dirty rockers thought the gig was at the Racks in Manchester (oops). Thanks to Randy for the use of his electronic drum set, however, we'll have to dial down the self-triggering cowbell next time (never thought someone would have to say that about cowbell). Thanks to all our friends that came out to support live music. Thanks to Richard for having us and serving extremely lethal cocktails. Next show is at Uncle Eddies on May 6 with We Die Young (AIC tribute).

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