Vote for Stone Temple Posers to open up Radio 92.9's Earth Fest!

The Stone Temple Posers have entered a contest to open up Radio 92.9's Earth Fest on May 21, 2016. Please take the time over the next few days to cast a vote for us. As part of this contest, there are 45 bands aiming for a chance to play, a lot of them are good ones (including our Sublime friends), so why not us! The contest ends May 8, 2016, SO DON'T DELAY! Just log on to the Radio 92.5 website link below, sign up using your email account (yes, they will ask for your email info and may email you some spam from time to time), then you will need to verify your email, after which you can vote; one vote per email account. You can scroll through and watch videos of all the bands on the Radio 92.5 contest page. It's only 5 minutes of your life; more if you watch all of the videos. We will appreciate your time casting a vote! Good luck to all of the bands.

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