Uncle Eddies rocked last Friday Night

The Stone Temple Posers had a great time with Second Hand Smoke (a Sublime tribute) at Uncle Eddies in Salisbury, MA last Friday night.  These guys krank out some awesome grooves: Ant driving the beat, Josh adding the scratch track, Mike with the irie guitar, Jamie dropping the low notes and Rob on vocals.  Thanks also to Andrew, Dave (get that AIC trib going already), Rene, Audra (shhh, we wont tell Tami you went to Eddies), Julio, Tammy, Holly, and Saundra for hanging out and throwing back a few with the band.  Thanks always to the wives/sig others for putting up with the rock and roll lifestyle.  We hope to get some video, photos, and audio from this past weekend posted soon.  We'll be in Worcester on May 16 at the Lucky Dog with Second Hand Smoke if you missed us this past weekend.    

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