Uncle Eddies Barely Survives a Double Dose of Grunge this past Weekend!

Another spectacular evening of grunge this past Friday night at Uncle Eddies, which barely remains standing. The Stone Temple Posers coheadlined with We Die Young (Alice in Chains tribute) for three solid hours of Grunge with a capital "G"! We Die Young absolutely nailed AIC. Harmonies spot on. Grunge factor at eleven. Thanks to all the usual friends and family who showed up including long time fans Sue and Bob, the Friend sisters, the Swords, Bob M and more. Good to see Bill from Alter Ego in the house too. Thanks to Jarred for mixing sound (check out the new audio just loaded up). And thanks of course to Mike for allowing us to rip it up at his club, 90s style. Next few gigs: Worcester MA on May 20, Revere, MA on June 3 and Newmarket NH on June 10.

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