SMELLS LIKE GRUNGE! featuring tribute bands to Pearl Jam (Yellow LedVedder), STP (Stone Temple Posers), Nirvana (Priceless Advice), and Alice in Chains (Sick Season) is coming up in eleven days peoples!  Get your advance discounted tickets now and save money (always a good thing!).  This is a show you do not want to miss.  Four great bands playing all of the grunge classics.  Each band is comprised of talented musicians who are dedicated and committed to the music and persona of each individual band.  Doors open at 7PM; music starts at 8PM.  Beyond SMELLS LIKE GRUNGE! we will be debuting at two new clubs in February: Bonefish Harry's in Lynn on 2/2 and the Breakaway in Danvers on 2/23.  Also of note: Olaf (bassman) from the Stone Temple Posers hung out with Dean DeLeo and the real Stone Temple Pilots on December 14, 2018 when they played in Norwood, MA (see photos in our Photo section).  A Stone Temple Posers shirt photo-bombed one of the group photos.  Although this is not exactly a fully sanctioned endorsement of the Stone Temple Posers from the DeLeo brothers and Co., but we'll take what we can get!!!   

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