Ralph's Recap and Upcoming Dates

Another off the charts rock'n evening last Friday nite at Ralphs Rock Diner in Woooster, MA. To say this is a "quirky" club is an understatement. "Character" def comes to mind. Inman, Bullet Called Life (SOAD trib) and Prying Eyes were fuggin awesome. Thanks to all our friends who made it out and stayed to the end and helped roadie including Larry, Paula, Disco Steve, Bobby P, Spencer, and Rob (it was a shame you had to leave early Rob). Thanks to Steve the sound man for making everybody sound their absolute best; check out the new audio on our website. And of course thanks to all the fans of STP that dug the show ...You guys ROCK.  Photos from the show are on our website too.  Next on the Horizon: we travel south to Cranston Rhode Island to team up with Str8 Outta Line (Godsmack tribute) and KoRnBallz (KoRn tribute).  That event is February 20...don't miss it. At the end of February, we team up with Priceless Advice (Nirvana tribute) at Uncle Eddies in Salisbury, MA, bring your swim trunks!

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