Cannery Music Hall

Many thanks to all that came out to our debut at the Cannery Music Hall this past Saturday night, including our friends from the Filth (who shared photos). If you’ve never been, this place provides the ultimate audio/visual audience experience with vintage videos playing on multiple screens during band performances and kiler lights/lasers; thanks to Johnny and Rick for making that magic happen. Thanks to Len and the guys from Opiate for inviting us.  Audio and photos have been uploaded; video coming soon.  Next confirmed show is at the Jewel Music Venue in Manchester, NH on November 11 with Grind (international-touring Alice and Chains tribute).  We have a show previously booked for October 21 that is looking for a venue since the Spotlight Tavern closed.  If none is found soon, this show with Selling the Drama (LIVE tribute) will be rescheduled/cancelled.

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