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To anybody that was hoping to see us at the Foundation Room after the Mighty Mighty Bosstones show last Friday night at the House of Blues Boston, we apologize. We found out shortly before the gig that due to security issues associated with an appearance of Mayor Walsh at the HOB, we were asked to move our performance to the HOB restaurant vs. the Foundation Room. We opted to play 6-10 before the MMBs show. We played two unplugged sets and one electric set and debuted two new songs. Thanks to Zak for setting up and running sound. Thanks to friends and family Donna, Michele, Detlef, Isaiah, James, Brian and Sarah for braving the bitter cold to support live music. We will be posting some audio on our website soon. Our next show is in Haverhill, MA on Friday January 12. The Mighty Mighty Stone Temple Posers will be teaming up with Dark Roots and an unplugged/abridged We Die Young (AIC tribute) at the Chit Chat Lounge.  Our first appearance as a band was at the Chit Chat Lounge nearly 3 years ago.

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